Advices For Children When Learning How To Play A Musical Instrument

Kids and Music Lesson

Nowadays, we can see that music is becoming an essential part of our everyday life. From young kids to the elders, everyone loves music and play music. In fact, many parents send their kids to extra classes about music so as to provide favorable conditions for them to develop both of their mental and physical conditions. So which one do you think is the fastest musical instrument to learn?

Each type of musical instrument has its own features that are very difficult to know and fully understand. The studying of your child depends mostly on his abilities and talent. In fact, knowing the basics of learning musical instruments and provide the proper lesson for kids is very crucial so as to instruct them and shorten the studying hours. You can search information about instrument classes near your place on the Internet, but you can’t really know the quality of them. Below are some advices for kids when getting used to a new kind of instrument

Kids and Music Lesson

  1. Learn Slowly – Practice Regularly

Because of the young age, kids learn faster that adults, but their minds are not developed yet, so they can forget the knowledge easily. That’s the reason why you should ask your children to learn slowly and follow a schedule so as not to spend too little amount of time of learning before practicing. Maybe they can still play the instrument, but if they don’t understand what they are playing, it would be more difficult for your kids to learn further and deal with harder lessons.

Begin with lesson number 1, though it is very easy. Never skip any lessons though they are less important that others. They are taken into the book for some certain reasons, but not for skipping and shortening the learning steps.

Another thing you shouldn’t forget is about the studying hours. Normally, a person needs at least 10000 hours to master something, and so does learning musical instruments. It means that you don’t have to learn all of the lessons all the way one by one. You can study 3 to 5 of them, then have a small practice schedule so as to revise and link to the new knowledge.

Beside studying for knowledge and techniques, you should encourage your children to practice alongside. Learning an instrument is different from other types of studying because it requires even more time in training and practicing than remembering chord and notes.

Guitar for kids

  1. The Combination Between Lessons and Practice

You should not think that learning instrument is just the matter of hitting notes freely. It is a common mistake of a majority of new learners. You should encourage your kids to learn by heart the lessons before practicing with the instruments. This would help them to understand what they are going to do and make better sounds with less efforts. With the experiences of a music teacher, I can surely say that children who are good at remembering chord and hand gestures can be better at playing music even though they spend less time practicing than others in the same class.

Understanding the basic of notes and chords helps children to know about the structures of the musical instrument, thus control it easier without having to remember each position of every note.

A song can be played in a variety of styles. It is one of the sources of motivation in the creativity of children when learning a new musical instrument. If your kid doesn’t know much about notes and chords, then its playing is just some kind of repeating the moves, not his own knowledge. This might be good at first, but then your kid can’t keep up with more complicated things and then lead to tiredness and boredom.

  1. Be Patient and Hard – Working

If your kid can learn with a private tutor, the teacher can be the one who takes care of its studying progress. However, in self – training hours, it has to be the kids who try his best to complete the task. It is quite difficult because at the young age, children are easy to be distracted from their work by other factors.

You should ask your kid to be patient and complete the lesson itself. It would be very hard at first because your child might not feel comfortable with it, but once he realizes the benefits of it, everything will be alright.

  1. To – Do List and Schedule for an Effective Studying

Just like other subjects, music needs a learning schedule. Parents should be the one who makes the studying schedule for their children because they will know exactly the condition of their kids and ask them to follow it. However, you should also ask for the opinions of your children before doing it so that they can feel comfortable with it and follow the timetable strictly.

Kids and musical instruments

Learning music, especially musical instrument depends heavily on individual hobby. Parents should not force their kids to learn the instruments they don’t like or ask them to follow any classes if they don’t feel right with it. The true happiness can only be formed by real love with what you do, so you should begin from nurturing the love with music in your child so he will ask you to let him play an instrument. However, you have to let your kid knows that this is about learning, not a temporary hobby and he has to keep up with it seriously.

If you have any questions about musical instrument classes and need some advices, ask me or visit our website. We can help you solve them in no time and provide you some useful tips and tricks in teaching music for your kids.

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