How Music Helps for Premature Infants

Music for the premature baby

Some babies are not enough months when birth – the premature infants. Correspondingly, they need to care more than the normal babies. According to Friederike Haslbeck – a music therapist, music contributes to helping the brain of the premature babies develop.

Music for the premature baby

With the development of the technique in vitro fertilization, a large number of the newborn babies were born earlier. Nonetheless, to treat the premature babies, the development of the technology also comes with this. As a result, though the babies early born ~ over months in comparison with the birth date have a chance to live. Working with these babies in Zurich and Bern, Friederike Haslbeck must treat for 6-8 the premature babies each day. And then, she uses music therapy for them within 1-2 the first weeks after birth.

Music Therapy

Haslbeck said that the human voice was the most significant instrument. The nurses caring for the premature babies at the warming bed or incubator only utilize their own voice. Some studies have shown that the babies would rather listen to the human voice than the instruments. Hasbeck uses kangarooing – the combination of music to a therapy so as to work with both babies and parents.

Throughout the process of kangarooing, fathers or mothers will lie on a reclining chair and hug their baby on the bare chest. Let’s remember skin-to-skin! Thanks to the vibration only with one sound, Haslbeck puts the monochord against the elbow of the parents. Thus, both parents and babies receive the vibration.

Music – the therapy for babies

As a whole, we are easy to miss this when caring for the premature infants. Most of us think of what the baby would hear while he/she was still in the mother’s womb, but it was the deep sound from the blood circulation, the deep heart rate, and digestion. If you have learned, you will recognize that music has the ability to stabilize the physiology of the baby. Frequently, we will be able to see the influence of the music therapy on the monitor of the baby. There will be the good signs if the amount of oxygen in the blood increases and the heartbeat slows down. These signs have not shown the speed (fast or slow) and rest. Obviously, it is the rhythm.

Reduce Stress

It can say that many things contribute to causing stress in caring for the newborn babies, in particular, uncertainty, noise, and worry. It understands this problem, so Haslbeck always tries to create the process of bonding between mother and baby or father and baby. Basically, parents need to relax in order to keep their baby relax.

Actually, the monochord is considered as ideal something for this function. You do not need to say to fathers and mothers – keep calm. Even, breathing exercises aren’t also necessary for them. Everything becomes simpler with the monochord. You just play it. What a great it happens!

Music – the effect to reduce stress

There is a specific example when the married couple – Anna and Remco has a premature baby, 2 months before schedule, with weight ~ 1,6g. You think that around their baby incubator was only a small space with the curtain, but Anna wants to kangaroo in this space whatever it is not a private place for their baby – her husband also agrees. It will have a curtain, but it is not privacy. You are able to listen to everything. Of course, everyone also hears you. In fact, there is a benefit for the married couple. At that time, their son didn’t have any music therapy, but both could listen to the melodies that Haslbeck was working with other babies.

Anna said that the room was submerged with a great melody. There is the difference that music brings any atmosphere – the clinical one. The feeling is similar to walking in the cold place, but you are taken into a warm one. You don’t still recognize the cold feeling around you. It is this feeling. So great!

Music Is The Great Beginning

In the 1970s, the first research began to evaluate the influences of the music therapy for the premature babies. Their aim was to check the music that had any harmfulness. Jayne Standley – a pioneer in the US began training the musical therapists to work with the newborn babies in the 1990s. Until 2013, although French-speaking Switzerland didn’t completely accept the music therapy for the premature infants, there were 6 hospitals in German-speaking regions applying this method.

Director of the Division of Neonatology at the University Children’s Hospital Bern – Matthias Nelle said that the hospital had utilized an approach to integrate all senses in taking care of the premature babies a couple of recent years. Here also provides massage as well as olfactory stimulation; especially, the light and colors. It can say that music therapy contributes to addressing the hearing in the little kids.

Music is good for the brain

On the other hand, Haslbeck is working at the University Hospital Zurich is also studying how the music therapy has affected the brain of the premature infants. The researchers utilize the magnetic resonance images so as to compare the brain development of the infants without and with using the music therapy within forty weeks of age. And then, the hypothesis is put that the newborn babies receiving music will get volume, function, and connection better. There are 60 premature infants enrolled and evaluated from 2016-2017. This study is going to last in 5 years. The result isn’t, but we can recognize that music is one of the rare things stimulating plenty of important location in the brain for both adults and babies.

In sum, we are the social organism without computers, so we have emotion. Music is one of the things that help soothe the baby. There is a fact, based on many studies. To make sure, we let wait for the result from Haslbeck.

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