Aware of The Importance of Music for Babies

The baby with headphone

The baby with headphone

Music stimulates the baby’s brain cells and helps them grow. Music helps your baby become smart and alert. When your baby begins to feel the sound, let him or her play with the right amount of music. The article below will talk about choosing the right baby music.

The Origin of The Musical Sensibility of Baby

In the 20th week of pregnancy, auditory cells begin to thrive. And by the 7th month, her baby’s sensory neurons are almost complete, and her fetus can clearly hear the sounds. You can give music to your child at this stage until he is one year old. Music not only stimulates the baby’s brain but also creates the cheerful mood of the mother – excellent for fetal development. Babies usually wake up when you rest and sleep when you are active. Therefore, you should choose best workout headphones to listen to music while lying down in bed or the bath. While listening to music, use your hands gently massage your abdomen. This action will make your baby feel warmth and love. The gentle melody will bring a sense of closeness, dear. This will create opportunities for mother and baby to share beautiful moments with music.

3 Best Suited Types of Music to Baby

According to the researchers, the baby tracks should have soft, melodious sound with the smooth rhythm. The appropriate tone will make the feeling relaxed and pleasant for the baby. Music has many good effects on body, brain, mood and spirit. For children, music is of particular importance. Children need to understand the good values of music in the development period. Here are three types of music best suited to a baby.

#1, Classical Music

Classical Music is your number one choice. You can listen to the music of Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, Teleman and Handel. You should give your children classical music with the fun, clear and lovely melodies.

#2, Traditional music

Studies show that babies can feel the music, the familiar tunes, the songs and the voices of parents and other sounds. Also, children can feel a better parental song than the songs of the CD. This ability does not need to be learned through experience as we think. The babies love their parents’ voices. When you sleep, you can choose different lullabies to hum to your baby. And as a matter of routine, when a baby receives a song from their mother, it can mean a good night’s sleep. A lullaby is a form of emotional cohesion of mothers and young children. Traditional music (also known as the Lullaby), usually light, simple songs. Most of the lyrics are related to folk songs, proverbs, poems, and all of them are passed on from one generation to the next. The old lullaby is the key to open the heart of the children. Songs will help children feel the world around them with their mother’s lullaby.

The cartoon mother and baby

Especially, when you sing the lullaby, you can not distinguish between lullaby and music. So do not be afraid to take songs when you first mothers. You can sing a lullaby for a nap or evening.

#3, Modern Music

Modern music is also a good suggestion, and you can go to the store and get music CDs for newborns.Today, technology and machinery will assist many parents in saving their children’s time. For infants, you just need to put the baby in an electric cradle. The cradle will swing by the preset mode, and you can open a recent music CD for infants or other mellow music.

Not all types of music are suitable for children to have healthy sleep and relaxation. Research shows that music will soothe the soul and help children sleep well, but only with soothing music, and moderate volume. Rap and rock genres do not fit and create negative emotions and instability in your baby’s brain, or even interfere with the baby’s sleep. So you should avoid listening to these types of music.

Important Notes when Your Baby is Listening to Music

You should not play music too loudly while your baby is playing or sleeping. Music will affect the health of the baby. Especially in sleep, loud music can cause your baby to startle and panic. Over time the fear and startling will negatively affect the child’s nerves.

While your baby is listening to music, remember to adjust the volume at a reasonable level, and keep the volume from changing suddenly. You can adjust the volume from low to high slowly. Dramatic, scary or overly tragic music is not a good choice for the baby.

You can combine playing and music to help baby have moments of relaxation and fun. When children play music, the combination of playing with balloons, speckled dice, this can help children to relax and have a good sleep.

The combination between playing and music

You should also keep in mind that the baby’s hearing organ begins to form and development. Therefore, children should only listen to music for about 20 minutes each time and up to 2 to 3 times a day.

When the baby is about 3 months old, you can give music and games to your baby. This helps children to focus on developing emotional and physical intelligence. Depending on the situation, you can give your baby a headset or loud music. While listening to music, you can also swing and dance to help your baby easily feel the music.

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