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Kids’ performance

Music has great benefit, both physical and psychological. For children, the benefit of music is even bigger as melody and rhythm help in mental growth as well creation stimulation. With such many advantages, parents try to encourage their kids to involve in music activities. Helping the child to enjoy and express their hidden talent in music is a wonderful idea. However, it is not an easy thing to do. So before running out to stores and searching for the best record player brands, parents should know how to encourage their kids to participate in the music activities and grow interest to it. Below are some tips for doing so.

Kids in musical class

Self-study Music Before Teaching Children

Before teaching children any songs or instruments, parents should at least have basic knowledge about the songs or instruments. On that basis, parents will know how to instruct their child in more interesting ways along with sing expression, content and other game along. With instruments, parents should have the overview knowledge before encourage their child to play any instrument that they like. From the practicing, children will be helped to gain interest in expressing and listening to songs. You should start with songs with simple tunes and easy to follow lyrics. The song topic should have the content that is meaningful, educative, funny or interesting, close to the child’s daily activities.

Practice the Child’s Ability of Dancing and Listening to Music

The learning process will be more effective if it involved other children with the same interest. At the young age, the most important is to grow the interest in kids rather than serious practicing and studying. If possible, gather a group of kids and encourage them to listen and dance to music. Guide the children to dance along the rhythm of the song, responding to the lyrics with some simulation.

Teaching children how to move quickly when listening to the melody of the song with rhythm, expressing emotions with gestures when listening to their favorite songs. In addition, parents and teachers should enhance the confidence of kids, let them express themselves. The activities should be fun and interesting because kids will easily lose focus and get bored along the way.

Music Activities and Games

Musical games for children are recommended with the purpose of enhancing focusing ability, attention when listening to music, responding the rhythm of the song. The games will help children enjoy and get familiar to the beat and tone of different kinds of music. Consequently, it is necessary to constantly create new music games, strange and attractive to children to enjoy playing under music influence.

For example, parents and teachers can draw a large circle in the middle of the class, opens the music and let the children run around outside the circle, swinging or shaking body or waving hands to the rhythm of the songs. When the music stop, kids must quickly step into the circle. You should change different kinds of music and songs with different speed and rhythm.

Teach Children in Learning Activities

Singing in kindergarten is an ongoing activity that is constantly being integrated into children’s activities. There should be connection between different activities to create the consistency in diversity. This link will not only create excitement but also encourage children to participate in activities more.

When conducting music education, it is important to develop a core content along with other content in order to maintain the freshness and joy while ensure the original content. The content should be built based on both dynamic and gentle activities. Teachers can use games, quizzes or poems with children about the content of the songs related to the theme or lessons in gentle way. Impress the kids with funny content to build the good impression on music.

The activities that parents and teachers can apply during the teaching process are listening to music, activities require body movement, singing activities, dancing activities…Chosen song should be easy to understand with visualized lyrics.

Use the Instruments in Activities

Teaching with instruments

Kids will be impressed things with complicated operation such as instruments. Regularly using the instrument in children’s activities can help increase the curiosity among kids, make them want to involve in the music activities. At the same time, the instrument can help children feel the melody of the song livelier and create the excitement when listening to music.

Using the instrument also helps teachers or parents be more active when performing music because there are songs that are not on the disc or sometime teachers can be flexible depending the mood of the kids. Moreover, live music with clear note will help children to feel the song and music clearer.

Give Children a Performance

To help children more exciting, teachers can organize a show or small competitions with interesting theme such as “Festival to School” “Spring Festival Music Contest” “Full Moon Festival”… to give the children the opportunities to perform in front of the crowd. Those performance will increase the seft-esteem and confidence, help children more active in front of other people and show their talent with the accomplishment feel. Those events are the great changes to encourage kids involve in music.

Kids’ performance

Besides big events, teachers can utilize break time, afternoon activities…for kids to express and perform their favorite songs in their ways. Those time are precious for observation and determine the progress as well as talent of each individuals. Moreover, those cozy and care-free activities like this will be funnier then organized big events. Children can then confidently express their personalities and thought.

Parents and Teachers Collaboration

The interest will be gone very soon if there is no reminder. Dancing and recording the songs that are taught children and ask parents to practice with their kids at home. This will make the family has quality time playing with each other while still make sure the kids still keep trace with the music activities. Parents can add more value by enriching the child’s musical knowledge and encourage them to express their interest in particular flied of music like singing, dancing or playing instruments.

Learning is a long continuous process, it is important to keep the kids involve in the music activities. However, the learning should be fun without pressure and expectation. The ultimate goal is to let children express themselves confidently, have wonderful childhood and enjoy every moment in life.

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